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If you run your business from an office – large or small – our guide will take you through your office insurance options to help you find a great deal. If you're renting office space for your company, having your own business insurance policy is a must. Even though the property owner or landlord is. Business insurance is a catch-all term for a range of policies that protect your company against financial loss. This could be from damage to your property.

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A business owners policy or general liability coverage can help cover expenses related to third-party property damage. Common Types of Commercial Insurance. Office, business and equipment insurance, fuss-free. Buy online in minutes or speak to a plain-speaking adviser. Business insurances cover risks that you run as a result of having a company. In the Netherlands, you are not obliged to insure against these risks.

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This package of property insurance benefits is specifically designed for offices like yours. Purchase Business Office insurance along with your Trust. Property damage, lawsuits and theft can be devastating for a small business owner. Do you have adequate coverage? If you lease office space, you're required to. Independent Small Business & Office Insurance Programs. Our comprehensive Professional Office programs go beyond general liability and property insurance.